Diaspora Ministries

Bringing the Good News of Jesus to Africa’s hardest to reach people does not always mean a move to Africa.

Africans on the move

Tens of millions of Africans live outside the continent of Africa, and millions more are on the move. There are pockets of Sudanese in Nebraska, Moroccans in the Netherlands, and Senegalese in Spain. Reaching out to these populations, and others like them, is called diaspora ministry.

AIM’s vision has always been to go to the “Inlands” – to Africa’s unreached people groups who have yet to hear the saving news of Jesus Christ. They often remain unreached because they are difficult to access – due to geographical location or because traditional mission work is not possible in many Muslim-dominant countries and communities. But today, many of these unreached peoples are coming to us.

Diaspora Outreach Teams serve in strategic communities around the globe where significant populations of ethnic Africans have settled.

AIM’s efforts to reach the African Diaspora are vast and varied. We operate under the AIM banner of “Borderless” – which brings together all aspects of this growing initiative. Learn more about the heart of our Borderless ministries, and explore stories and opportunities at borderlessafrica.org.

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