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TIMO (Pronounced team-o) stands for Training in Ministry Outreach. If your heartbeat is for getting God’s message of salvation and new life through Jesus Christ to the far reaches of this earth, and your desire is to be equipped to do so, then take a few minutes to learn about TIMO. It’s a program designed to do just that.

Learn and Minister as Part of a Team: TIMO places a team of new missionaries under the leadership of an experienced missionary or missionary couple. Together, they live as learners among an unreached or partially unreached people group with a shared goal of sharing Christ.

As a team member you’ll learn how to learn a language, and then you’ll set out to actually do it. You’ll discover methods of outreach – creative ways to reach out in Christ’s love in word and deed.

You’ll learn to pray and intercede. And every day, you’ll put into practice what you learn – mission theory will be fleshed out as you live and interact with your host people group.

Oh, and did we mention…homework. Yes, TIMO has required reading and there will be papers to write, all an integral part of building a solid foundation for a lifetime of ministry.



People Groups – Your Host Culture: TIMO wants you to fall in love — with people. As a TIMO member you’ll move into the midst of a people group very different from yourself. They’ll eat weird stuff. And (gulp) you will too.

They’ll speak a language you’ve probably never heard of, let alone taken in high school. You’ll struggle through basic conversations with them, and you’ll laugh together at your blunders. You’ll learn from them, and they’ll learn from you.

You’ll play with their kids, and after a while, they won’t be a people group to you any more. They’ll be names, and faces, and stories. You’ll know them. You’ll love them.  You’ll want, more than ever before, to reach them for Jesus; to call them your brothers and sisters in Christ.

As a TIMO team member you will:

  • Live simply
  • Learn a new language
  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the least reached
  • Minister as part of a team
  • Learn and minister under the guidance of experienced missionary team leaders

The TIMO Person: You might be wondering, can I do this thing? What makes a good TIMO member?

Well, first, you need to love Jesus. You need to have a longing to play an active part in His Great Commission. Next, you need to be a learner. You need to have a hunger to know and to understand; to look at things upside down and sideways. You need to be flexible. Life in Africa, where most of our teams work, can be frustrating if you’re not flexible and willing to go with the flow. You need to be a team player. You’ll need your teammates and they’ll need you. You need to be resourceful. TIMO requires a simple lifestyle – not a lot of stuff – so you might not have the resources you think you need for every situation you encounter. Bring duct tape…

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TIMO Team Leaders

Africa Inland Mission is seeking married couples with cross-cultural ministry experience and a heart for church planting among unreached peoples to serve as team leaders for upcoming TIMO teams. The above video explores what it means to be a TIMO team leader.

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