Kristen Fry

Africa Inland Mission | Associate Mobilizer, Southwest

Hello! I am Kristen Fry. I have had the privilege of living my whole adult life in East Africa. I was raised a mountain girl and first heard of Father’s Love for me at the age of 16. Since that time, I have had a passion for others to know Him. I had aspirations of being a Dean of a University but was too young and inexperienced, so I went to Kenya on a two- year short-term. There, I met children with HIV/AIDS, saw poverty like never before and met a tribe that had never heard the name of Jesus. It was then that the red clay of Africa became embedded into my feet and heart forever.

In 1997-99 I lived in a mud hut without electricity or running water, teaching Community Health evangelism among an unreached Datooga tribe of Tanzania. Riding my bike through the Serengeti, teaching Bible truths and simple Health lessons was one of the best experiences of my life. But Father had other plans, as he turned a near-death illness with Encephalitis into a life path transition working with street children and child trafficking in Uganda. I have seen the impact of living and loving Jesus among people. Today, many Datooga have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. The little children who heard Bible stories and saw Gods love first hand are now spreading His love and Word among their tribe.

Now, after 22 years of serving street children and empowering Ugandans to run ministries with integrity, I find myself teaching Community Health evangelism among the same unreached tribe where most street children are trafficked from. My call to serve in Africa has never wavered but as my parents have grown older, I desire to help them and spend more time with them in California. True to His nature, Father opened the door for me to assist in mobilization in the US. As I transition to living six months in Uganda and six months in the US, my love for mentoring new missionaries and serving in Uganda feels like a perfect fit.

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