Kick off your sandals and stay awhile. The sun is going down and children are gathering. At the center of the village, women lay camel-skin mats on the warm sand and the curious come and sit. Under a blanket of stars, the elders begin to tell stories. Tales of old about great hardships and small wonders, prowling lions and local heroes. A rich tradition of storytelling is ubiquitous in Africa.

Here on some of the front lines of God’s redeeming work, we have stories too. Join us, through the sights and sounds and stories of AIM’s ministry.

“Welcome, We’re Here. We’re Here.”

Sharing Christ in Remote Villages Along Tanzania’s Southern Coast

Joy in the Morning

The sounds of a new day remind a new missionary why she’s come to this far off place among the Zigua people of Tanzania.

Coastal Witness

I glimpse of ministry to Muslim women along the humid, bustling coast of Kenya

Five Things We've Learned

Roger and Sue have invested three decades in sharing Christ with an unreached people group in eastern Kenya.

After All

In the wake of an evacuation from Central African Republic, aim missionaries Todd and Nicole Owens found themselves serving in place they had dreamed of long ago.

Walking with the Laarim: A Photo Essay

For many years, people prayed for a work of God among the Laarim people of South Sudan. Africa Inland Mission has been privileged to a part of that work, sending a team of men and women to live among them, learn their language and culture, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Three Inlanders

For 125 years now, God has raised up men and women to serve Him through AIM in the hard places across Africa. Meet three of them – Joel, Ann, and Beka.

Stories of Growth [VIDEO]

Africa Inland Mission Celebrates 55 years of ministry among the Rendille of Kenya.

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