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Get to know us in an informal environment where you can learn more about AIM, hear from some of our staff and active missionaries, ask questions, and more. Each event also features a special topic or focus, so feel free to join us for more than one.

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Counting the Cost - A special 2024 series addressing common obstacles to taking that next step

February 27: Counting the Cost: Family
Do you desire to serve but face the strong opinions of your parents or adult children? Do you desire to serve but find yourself fearful you could miss out on marriage in the process? Join us for an honest conversation with those who have walked a similar path as we wrestle with how to best honor the Lord in the context of families.

March 26: Counting the Cost: Money
Whether you have worries about your debt, or hesitations about support raising, money is a hot topic in missions. Can missionaries have debt? How do you overcome your fear of asking others for money? Join us as we share resources and discuss how to be faithful in the areas of finances, stewardship, and partnering with others.

April 23: Counting the Cost: Comfort
The American Dream is real. Even without an all-out pursuit of happiness, it’s easy to feel reluctant to leave all we love behind. What happens to your career? Does life overseas equate to a life of discontent? Join us as we hear from those who have leveraged their vocations and found deep joy in life on the field.

(Note: this month's event is NOT on the last Tuesday. Event date is April 23rd.)

May 28: Counting the Cost: Fear
You feel the burden to go, but other burdens compete for your attention. The fear of the unknown is ever-present, and can paralyze us to inaction. And can’t we rationalize that there’s lost people here, too? Join us as we talk with those who pursued ministry among the unreached – not due to a lack of fear, but in the face of it.

June 25: Counting the Cost: Readiness
Okay, let’s be honest. Ministry in your own context is hard enough, let alone crossing another culture to do so! Do you need to go to seminary or Bible college? What training is available to help prepare you for this work? Join us as we consider the role of an agency and the role of your local church in providing a foundation for being sent well.

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