Diaspora Ministries

Bringing the Good News of Jesus to Africa’s hardest to reach people does not always mean a move to Africa.

Africans on the move

Today, millions of Africans live outside of Africa: in North America, Europe, and around the globe – the African diaspora. There are pockets of Sudanese in Nebraska, Moroccans in the Netherlands, and Senegalese in Spain. Reaching out to these populations, and others like them, is called diaspora ministry.

AIM’s vision has always been to go to the ‘Inlands’ – to Africa’s unreached people groups who have yet to hear the saving news of Jesus Christ. Many of these groups remain unreached because they are difficult to access – due to geographical location or, increasingly, because traditional mission work is not possible in many Muslim-dominant countries and communities. But today, many of these unreached peoples are coming to us.

Thousands of Africans are journeying every month. Some are moving for economic reasons, some are escaping political oppression, and others are seeking to avoid religious persecution. Africans also come as students or as international employees.

AIM’s Diaspora Outreach Teams serve in strategic communities around the globe where significant populations of ethnic Africans have settled. We seek partnerships with local churches to build relationships and share the hope of Christ with people groups we might not otherwise have the opportunity to work among.

Million Africans live outside the continent of Africa

We bring our love for Africa and our rich cross-cultural experience to the work of reaching African Diaspora for Christ. We live among and reach out to Africans who are away from their homelands; as we come alongside churches in North America, Europe, and elsewhere to help better equip them for outreach.


Discovery Days

Various Cities, USA – Spend a day or a weekend on-site in a US city where AIM has an operating ministry team. Join the team for a cross-cultural experience, an ethnic meal, and valuable Q+A time. Get a preview of what diaspora work looks like in general, and observe specific ministries in action – such as English classes or refugee resettlement. Gain a better understanding of the scope, importance, and opportunity of reaching ethnic Africans here in America. Discovery Days runs about 4 times a year in multiple locations. Contact us for information on upcoming events.

Summer “Dream Teams”

Europe – Two weeks of hands-on ministry through partnership with local organizations. Be equipped to share the good news of Jesus in an intentional manner alongside your teammates, while serving vulnerable communities in practical ways. Many of the people you meet will come from a Muslim background and you may be their first Jesus following friend. DREAM Teams are an excellent way to learn more about diaspora ministry and see first hand the opportunities to reach Africans throughout the diaspora. Applications for each summer team are due by the end of March.

Full Term opportunities around the globe

AIM’s Diaspora Outreach Teams serve in strategic communities where significant populations of ethnic Africans live, sharing the hope of Christ in word and deed.

  • One-on-one evangelism and discipleship
  • Equipping local churches to reach out to African diaspora
  • Teaching English / ESL
  • Practical assistance for immigrants and refugees
  • Tutoring
  • University Student Ministry

Ask questions. Talk with a Mission Mobilizer. Start an application.

Next Steps to Serve

Interested in joining one of our introductory Opportunities – Discovery Days or Dream Teams? Inquire here.