Thank you for choosing to be an AIM Influencer.

This is where your heart for God and His purposes intersects with AIM’s mission to reach Africa’s peoples for Christ.

Over a quarter of the men and women AIM sends to Africa each year begin their journey by speaking to someone like you. That’s significant, and it speaks to the power of personal relationships in how God directs our lives.

This page is simply an opportunity for us to welcome you to our “mobilizing team”, and to say thank you. It’s also a helpful link to some AIM resources that we make available and update from time to time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here at the home office, or simply connect with your regional Mobilizer.


VIDEO – “An Extraordinary Call”

This video is a “call to serve” intended specifically for those who might be considering missions for themselves. It runs 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The “Share” link invites someone to watch the video on our website, and the download link will allow you to grab a copy for your computer or to bring to an event. (Please do not give out the download link to this video or re-upload copies to online video sites).

VIDEO – “The Heart of our Mission”

This video expresses “who we are” as a mission. It runs 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and is a perfect introduction to the needs in Africa as well as AIM’s response. The “Share” link invites someone to watch the video, and the download link will allow you to grab a copy for your computer or to bring to an event.

Digital Graphics Kit

Some helpful media such as pre-made social media posts, stock images, and an AIM powerpoint presentation.

“Heartbeat Africa” Magazine

Our in-house magazine is full of rich stories and beautiful photography from AIM ministries in Africa. It’s published twice a year in print and digital form. Share this link to invite someone to subscribe to the digital edition, or order print copies for yourself to share in person.

Order Print Materials

AIM’s main brochure and other print materials can be a great way to encourage someone to take a deeper look. Anytime you need some extra copies, use this order form and we’ll ship a bundle out to you for free.

Ways you can help

Simple ways to be an influencer

Encourage the people in your sphere of influence toward missions.

When you recognize a person with an interest in Africa who is willing to move forward, suggest AIM and share some more information with them.

Invite AIM to attend an event that will provide us some exposure.

Attend an event for AIM.