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Issue 2 - 2022

In this Issue:

Good Scandals – A schedule conflict and subsequent apology offer some eye-opening insights about a missionary couple’s host culture in a North African nation.

Better Together – Global Outreach pastor Ethan Collins, of AIM partner church Scottsdale Bible Church, shares his church’s journey in African outreach.

Alagwa Outreach – Missionary Miriam Pugh shares four spiritual lessons she’s learned through her years of working among the unreached Alagwa people of Tanzania.

Three Pigs and a Missionary – Missionary Peter Kapinga had a passion for mobilizing Zambian Christians for missions. He also had a problem.

Come and See – A group of North Americans visit Kenya to get a firsthand taste of the work of Theological Education.

Going Deep – A small team journeys to the heart of Africa to encourage believers, teach God’s Word, and explore opportunities for outreach among unreached peoples living in Congo’s northern forests

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