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Issue 1 - 2022

In this Issue:

Remembering Ron – A humble servant of Christ, Ron Pontier was a pilot, church worker, builder, linguist, and more. Mike Delorenzo shares a tribute for this man who left his mark on so many.

Highland Shepherd Journal – In the often lonely highlands of Lesotho, Caleb Fetterhoff shares how a group of short-term missionaries from South Africa were both a boon to the work and a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

Bikes & Baobabs – AIM is known for our many acronyms, but BAOBAB may be among our longest! Learn what it means and how God is using well-loved bicycles to open doors among Africans living in Canada.

Looking for Teammates in Chad – “The hope is to find twelve energetic, God-fearing people that will join us in Chad to train as new outreach workers,” writes Chris, who will lead a new AIM Outreach team in Chad, Central Africa.

Unity – In coastal Tanzania, churches across a spectrum of denominations unite to reach the unreached in their communities.

After Christmas Came and Passed – Captivated by a missionary’s manger scene, an immigrant child gains a fuller understanding of who Jesus is and why He came.

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